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Thoughts on pop culture, movies, TV, music, sports, technology, business, life, and whatever. Doing something for the fun of it. Hosted by Rhett Weller.
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Feb 22, 2017

Every year, Jon hosts the best Oscar party with an accompanying game. Listen to his picks for each category (of course he picks a Star Trek movie to win one) and his tentative foods for each best picture nominee. There is also some rapid fire TV talk.

0 min - Jon's comic book

7 min - Star Trek talk (because of course)

16 min - The Oscar Game!

25 min - Jon's picks

54 min - In memorium: who will be last?

1:09 min - TV rapid fire: Black Mirror, Riverdale, GoT, Veep, and Jon gives up TV for lent

1:16 min - Trump and Russia (because overshadower)

Donation of the week is the Red Cross. The flooding in the Bay Area is trivial compared to other parts of the world.

Feb 18, 2017

This was a tough one, but had to be done. The great "overshadower" is discussed at length. Many thanks to Maria for being such an awesome guest. She'll be back on to talk about a more fun topic at some point.

7 min: Why NYC is meh.

12 min: The great "overshadower" Donald J Trump.

20 min: Degree of outrage scale.

32 min: Just listen to what Trump says directly. (And is it "butt naked" or "buck naked"?)

42 min: Glenn Beck is sorry. Trump would not be allowed to speak at BYU. 

52 min: It's a Muslim ban no matter the spin. He even said it.

1 hr 5 min: Empathy. 

1 hr 10 min: Insults and snide remarks make it worse (although 2 tiny hands is still funny).

1 hr 22 min: Cautious optimism and what can be done.


Glenn Beck at Upfront Summit

The Antidote to Trump is Reason, Not Rage

Bill Gates' The Most Beautiful Chart in the World

Instead of a charity this week, I highly recommend reading this talk by a general authority of the LDS church called Refuge from the Storm



Feb 8, 2017

Joe is a huge NFL fan so this episode recaps the Superbowl 51. There are also some fun stories from when he worked for the Baltimore Ravens for a year.

0:01 Joe goes to Sundance and asks Brittany Snow a question.

0:10 Superbowl 51 - The greatest comeback ever! The Edelman catch.

0:20 Not a choke job by Atlanta! The win probability expectancy proves it.

0:35 Do the stars and scrubs on the team know each other? Stories from Joe's time at the Ravens.

0:40 Joe blows his chance of working for the NFL network from day 1. Michael Irvin is awesome.

0:46 Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time), a hard worker, and a good guy, so why do people hate him?

0:50 Patriots haterade and why spy/deflategate were about politics and hidden agendas rather than rules violations.

1:15 A few minutes about Trump (the "overshadower" of 2017). Everyone has to comment on him it seems.

Donation link of the week is the ACLU. If people want to talk about him, then we should also actually do something about it.

Feb 7, 2017

Zo (he only has one name like Madonna or Cher) joins the podcast to discuss Fast and the Furious, Xander Cage, 80s action stars, old movies and why they are good (Editors note: they suck), and the top action movies of the 80s.

At the 1:10 mark, the discussion changes to "top albums of your teen years". Zo confesses about his cougar chasing days.

At the 1:35 mark, there is some discussion about Trump (the overshadower of all things in 2017).

The donation of the week is the ACLU (I never thought I'd say that, but "the overshadower").