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Thoughts on pop culture, movies, TV, music, sports, technology, business, life, and whatever. Doing something for the fun of it. Hosted by Rhett Weller.
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Dec 20, 2016

Jon is back to air out his end of year grievances. Grievances include (but not limited to): parking garages, The Bachelor (aka the modern day gladiators), Shish kabobs, Christmas movies, the Russian complaint department, tribalism, people complaining about comic book movies, and work. This was a fun one, even in Rhett's weakened condition (head colds suck).

Good cause for this episode: The Family Giving Tree. I've seen the work they have done first hand and it's amazing.

Dec 19, 2016

Brandon joins Rhett to talk sports. Mostly college football as Brandon is a ute fan. Topics include: the rivalry game, BYU quarterbacks, punters (lots of love), the Rams, the NBA, the Jazz, and Michael Jordan. At the very end, there is talk about possibly the greatest movie trailer of all time: The F8 of the Furious.

Good cause for this episode: The Salvation Army

Nov 23, 2016

Stephanie Stephan joins Rhett to talk about TV, politics, her podcast, book recommendations, and how Facebook can be used for a purpose. 

TV shows: 5 min mark

Her podcast Stockholm Syndrome: 30 min mark

Book recommendations: 40 min mark

Facebook - junk food or good purpose: 53 min mark

Good cause: MS Society

Nov 18, 2016

Jon and Rhett talk about the 2016 US Presidential election and try to make sense of what just happened and what can be learned from it. That's pretty much the entire episode (although they talk about robots at the end and why Rhett should watch Black Mirror).

Oct 27, 2016

Paul and Brandon join Rhett to handout 38 different awards related to sports movies. Basically we made up the categories and selected our winners. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will wildly disagree with some of our selections. (And yes, Point Break is a spiritual sports movie.)

Unofficial sponsor: Doctors without Borders

Oct 21, 2016

What do MLMs, sports, and The Count of Monte Cristo have in common? Find out by listening to this lively episode with Dave and Rhett.

7 min: Blue collar worker in Silicon Valley

13 min: Dave's career path (and a Simpson's call back)

19 min: Take down of Multi-level Marketing schemes! Must listen.

46 min: Dave is into sports. Welcome!

1 hour: The Edmond Dantes Syndrome

1:10: Management tactics (mission statements work!)

1:15: Halloween prep - The Call of Cthulhu


Unofficial sponsor of the week: Khan Academy

Oct 11, 2016

Esteemed author Nathan Tanner joins Rhett to talk about his book Not Your Parents Workplace and a lively career discussion ensues. Here is a rough list of topics covered:

0-6 min: Dr. Dre - Apple employee

7 min: Nathan's book, advice for students, investment banking, the financial crisis

35 min: What to do when laid off

43 min: Going back to get an MBA, i-banking to HR switch. Reid's book

52 min: Advice on whether or not to get an MBA

1hr6: Kobe Bryant (I can't believe Kobe made an appearance on my pod), and some Jimmer hope

1hr15: Books - Shoe Dog, Jordan Rules, How to Measure Your Life

1hr20: Work/life balance

1hr25: Why podcasting

Unofficial sponsor this week: National Breast Cancer Fund

Sep 29, 2016

Jon is back to discuss the 25th anniversary of Nirvana's iconic album Nevermind. But before they get there, they talk about Star Wars, Ready Player One, TJ Miller hosting the Crunchies, and the Rosewood hotel.

At the 18 min mark, they talk Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Pearl Jam, and rank the songs on the Nevermind album.

At the 1 hour mark, Rhett let's Jon finish his recap of the 2016 movies that could potentially have a historic significance to future historians.

Around an hour 9 minutes, they theorize about the idea of nostalgia and finite history using Stranger Things as the archetype for "new" old TV shows, movies, and songs.

Unofficial non-sponsor this week is the Red Cross.

Sep 17, 2016

Brandon Rodriguez and Paul Bryan join Rhett in a lively discussion about:

  • Music - is Rhett just old?
  • Apple - new iPhone and the Apple Watch (yes you should now buy one)
  • Living in the Bay Area - cost of housing, food, & Korean Chipotle
  • Self-driving cars
  • Rhett's not-so-bold predictions about the future (sorry Instacart)
  • Quarter life crisis
  • Texas - is everything bigger and better? Well they do have Torchy's Tacos
  • NFL vs College football
  • Fantasy football
  • App ideas - just do it!
  • The Silicon Valley lottery ticket
  • Rhett's best idea app idea he has yet to build
  • Time/Money spectrum
  • Socks (yes we really did talk about socks)
  • Their best "worst" jobs


Quarter life crisis

Brandon's Spotify playlist (trying to educate Rhett)


Unofficial sponsor: St Jude's cancer research


Sep 8, 2016

Rhett calls Scott to talk about the BYU/Utah football rivalry. The first part of the episode is about fandom, why they are BYU football fans, and the cultural impact of having a common interest.

In the second part, they pick out their least and most favorite BYU/Utah rivalry games (spoiler: someone is still open). 

Finally, Rhett confesses to 3 pranks he has pulled on Utah fans over the years and realizes that maybe, just maybe, he is part of the problem (but trying to be better).


Not a sponsor, but check out A great cause and founding story.

Sep 6, 2016

Rhett calls Jon to talk about the new podcast and explains where he got the name. Many tangents follow. Hilarity ensues.

Sponsored by squaresp... just kidding.